It’s complex: Halloween & other mainstream holidays

I encourage you to check out the works of Iyalosa Akalatunde, Stephanie Rose Bird, Naazir Ra, Luisah Teish, H’ru Assaan-Anu, Imakhu Mu Nefer-t. They all speak to the roots (beyond Europe) of mainstream holidays. Their books, youtube videos, blogs are very informative. Keep in mind that their views will probably take you outside of your comfort zone. Initially that’s how I felt although in the long run they’ve helped me grow immensely. Now my views are more balanced and no longer steeped in dogma.

P.S.- Let’s be very careful of buying into Eurocentric interpretations of any of these holidays. There’s a back story to all of them which is absolutely beautiful and cultural relevant. Remember many Europeans have a way of turning things on their heads. As a result once they get their hands on something it changes dramatically ie. that which started out as one thing (positive) ends up becoming something very different (largely negative). The thing is we always have the power to change that on a very personal level.   We have the power to return things to their essence in our own little way. WE CAN DO THIS. All of these holidays fall when they do for very specific reasons. Europeans don’t own that timing. Europeans don’t own the original symbols and rituals either.

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