Weddings that speak to us

People, don’t believe the hype!  KNOW that we can create our own rituals/celebrations. Right from the ground up. As for me I like a mix of traditional and contemporary.

Here are some resources that can help:

Jumping the Broom (2nd edition):

The Nubian Wedding Book:

Alternative Weddings:

Sacred Ceremony:

Weddings from the Heart:

Joining Hands & Hearts:

Offbeat Bride:

For families: Winter solstice traditions

Designate it “quiet time” for a few days. Why not try playing cards/board games, go on a nature walk, drive around to see lights, light a tree in your house/yard, have a special meal, exchange a few small gifts, do one or two crafts etc. Unplug from phones, computers as much as possible. It can b done. While you (adults) fast why not have your children give up one or two food items every year until they reach an age where they can fast too. This is all quiet-ish stuff that children won’t get bored from. Get creative and develop your own family tradition. P.S.- Get your family (children included) in the habit of decluttering around solstice time. Take the children through their toys, clothes, shoes and give  away things they don’t need/use.

Here are some more cool ideas:

What does your family do?

Karest Mas

The winter solstice is an ideal time to unplug, clean/declutter our homes, meditate, fast, burn that frankincense & myrrh and catch up on sleep. Some decorate their homes with trees & lights. Some families feast and exchange gifts. These add a soft celebratory feel to things. Sweet!!  Ever heard of Karest Mas? I’m just getting hip to it. I likey! You celebrate anywhere between Dec.21 and Dec.25. Dr. Nteri Nelso talks about the celebration: To find out more read the book: