Looking for a travelling midwife?

Many of us live in places that don’t have local midwives. The midwifery model of care is nowhere to be found. So what’s a woman/couple/family to do if they’re planning a homebirth? Consider hiring a travelling midwife. You’ll work with her from a distance (via phone,email, skype, facetime) until around 37 weeks. At that point she’ll come to you and stay until after the birth.  It’s important to interview prospective midwives. Here are some questions you may like to run by them:
Why did you become a midwife?
How long have you been a certified midwife? What is your professional title?
What is your philosophy on pregnancy and birth?
As a certified midwife how many births have you attended? What percentage were at home?
What is your role during pregnancy and birth?
Have you travelled widely (outside of North America)?
Do you deliver all kinds of breech? Do you have training and experience in this kind of delivery? What’s your plan of action? Explain.
How do you assess whether it is appropriate to transfer care to a hospital? Under what circumstances do you do so?
Are you trained in waterbirthing? Are you an advocate of waterbirths?
Will you deliver the baby or will you assist my partner and I in doing so?
What equipment do you carry to homebirths?
Are you legally permitted to carry Pitocin? Do you? If not do you carry a holistic alternative?
Have you serviced a diverse group of clients (race, class, culture, nationality, religious/spiritual tradition)?
Do you deliver multiples?
Have you serviced vegan clients? How did their births turn out? Is there anything you suggest for us?
Have you attended births in (insert your area)?
Have you visited (insert your area) before?
Do you have experience turning babies before AND during birth? Explain.
In birth what role do you see my partner playing?
As primary caregiver, how many births have you attended outside of the United States? What were the outcomes like?
Have you had many homebirth clients over the age of 35? What were their births like?
Do you have any health issues that could inhibit your ability to assist us with birth? If so what are they? If a problem arises what is your typical plan of action?
What is your fee? What does it include? When is the full amount due? Are you open to payment plans? What is your refund policy if we decide to switch care providers?
What do we need to provide for our homebirth?
What is your hospital transfer rate?
What care would you provide to us if a hospital transfer were necessary?
What percentage of your clients have had a C-section?
What methods of pain management do you recommend/use?
What is your plan if you have two (or more) clients labouring/giving birth at the same time?
Have you ever handled a postpartum hemorrage? What protocol do you use to stop excessive bleeding after delivery?
Have you ever missed a homebirth? If so what were the circumstances?
Are you available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during pregnancy?
Do you require specific tests during pregnancy (Group B Strep etc)?
Do you “allow” a mother to go past 42 weeks and still have a homebirth?
Do you require a childbirth preparation course to prepare for a homebirth?
Are you able to surture the perineum if necessary?
How long do you stay after a birth? Do you help clean up?
Do you provide post-natal visits during the days after the homebirth?
What are your housing requirements? Do you require a cell phone?
What is your standard for cord clamping and cutting?
Do you use a doppler, fetoscope and/or pinnard? Do explain.
Will you use a fetalscope in place of a doppler if requested?
How many assistand do you need at a homebirth?
If you are sick what is your backup plan?
Do you perform episiotomies? If so how many have you given? Under what circumstances do you deem them necessary?
Have you had any bad outcomes with a mother and/or baby? If so please explain.
Do you have experience breastfeeding? Are you a lactation consultant?
Will you be able to assist me with any breastfeeding challenges?
How do you define high risk? According to your standards when does a woman fall into that category?
What is your experience with herbs, homeopathy and holistic medicine?
What do you do in the case of a nuchal cord?
Do you work with doulas?
Are you comfortable with births being videographed or photographed by a relative or friend?
Are you traned in neonatal resuscitation?
Are you planning a any vacations, trips , major surgeries or other events that could interfere with your attendance at our birth?
What kind of postpartum care do you offer?
What is your preferred method of communication prenatally (phone, email)?
Midwifery is a challenging profession and often a labour of love. What can we do to make this experience easiest for all of us?
How do you monitor the well-being of the baby during labour? Do you use occasional or continuous electronic fetal monitoring?
What are you usual policies and practices about:
– IVs in labor
– Freedom to be active and move about in labour
– Eating and drinking during labour
– Positions for birth
What is your usual approach to a labour that is progressing slowly?
How would you receommend that I prepare for managing pain during labour and birth?
What drug-free measures for pain relief do you suggest I use?
What is your approach to newborn care? What are the routine procedures with a healthy baby?
What role do you anticipate my partner playing in birth?
Can we have 3 names of women/couples who’ve recently received maternity care from you (for reference purposes)?


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