Our green babies

Contrary to popular belief, our little ones don’t require as much as mainstream culture tells us. They certainly don’t need us to get caught up buying every little knick knack we see. I encourage you to follow in our ancestors’ footsteps by keeping it simple.  Here’s a nice list to consider for your diaper bag: http://www.diynatural.com/natural-diaper-bag-essentials-checklist/

Having a baby shower? Here’s a gift list you may dig:

All natural shampoo

Baby food blender
Pregnancy/Breastfeeding teas
Wash cloths – 100% cotton is preferable
Onesies – Same as above
Socks – ” ” ”
Hats – ” ” ”
Clothes – ” ” ”
Hooded towels – ” ” ” ”
Receiving blankets – ” ” ”
Fennel, chamomile, lemon grass teas
Reusable cloth diapers with snaps (preferable one size fits all) .ie BumGenius Elementals, Mother-Ease
Old-fashioned cloth diapers (aka burp cloths)
Board books ie. culturally affirming ones, ones featuring plants & animals
Dr. Bronner’s unscented baby soap
Photo album
Diaper covers (5-10 of them)
Baby chair (called “infant or toddler chair” I think)
Baby carrier ie. Moby wrap
Baby/diaper bag (preferably a washable one)
Seventh Generation baby laundry detergent
” ” baby wipes
” ” disposable diapers
Shea or coconut butter
Comb/brush set
Breastfeeding pillow
Gift certificate for professional pregnancy photos
Evening primrose oil
Natural menstrual pads
Prenatal yoga dvd
Car seat
Changing pad
Nursing bras (x3-4)
Breast pads
Belly cast kit
Homemade booties/blankets/sweaters
Diaper pail
Birth ball
AquaDoula birth pool or http://www.waterbirth.org/birth-pool-in-a-box
Subscriptions to http://www.naturallifemagazine.com, http://www.naturalchildmagazine.com or http://www.greenchildmagazine.com
Gift certificates for pregnancy massage, prenatal yoga classes, grocery & metaphysical stores, organic farming courses, herb shops
Farmers’ vouchers
Small zipped bag for wet diapers (to be placed in diaper bag). Preferably one that’s washable.

No plastic or electronic toys. No stuffed animals. No pacifiers. If you choose to accept baby clothes you may want to tell friends and family that “plainer is better.” That way you can minimize the images on things. Animals & plants are fine. You may also want to avoid supporting multi-national corporations like Nike, Gap, Disney, Nickelodeon etc.


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