Pregnancy tests/procedures: GBS, Vit. K, antibiotic eye drops

Sistahs, have you tested positive for Group B Strep (GBS)? Don’t panic there are ways to address it:

Many homebirthers choose not to use the Vit.K shot. Some are comfortable with the oral version. Some parents choose not to administer Vit.K at all.
Antibiotic eye drops were developed as a result blindness in babies in Europe in the 1800s.  It was later found out to be due for STDs (most specifically Gonorrhea and chlamydia.  Hence why we check for STD at new prenatal visits and at 37 weeks).  If a positive culture shows STD we treat Mother and partner.  If you have been tested and know that you don’t have an STD then you won’t need an antibiotic.  However, you must know that 80% of women don’t have symptoms of chlamydia and GC.