Concerned about birth pains?

Here are some suggestions:

1) Plan a homebirth. You’ll be in a comfy, familiar setting and have all that you need. Food, bath tub, folks you care about  & more.

2) Try warm/hot showers

eating ice chips (you may want to use red raspberry leaf tea)

swaying/yoga moves during transition
hip squeezes – when timed right some women have full relief. May sound crazy but literally feel nothing. No pain. I know a woman who used this technique. She raves about it espec when it came to helping with labour pain.

Make sure you have access to water at your birth ie. in a birth pool. Water helps IMMENSELY. Trust me when I tell you. Some women labour and birth in water. Some of us (like me) laboured in it and then got out to birth. I squatted to birth.If possible choose a doula who knows certain massage/healing touch/acupressure techniques that ease labour pains. Ideally you want to have a doula and/or midwife who carry a homeopathic birth kit on them. That has all sorts of remedies  including ones for any birth-related pains.


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