Treating Sickle Cell Disease

Recently a brotha &  I were talking  and he mentioned that one of his daughters (a baby) has Sickle Cell Disease. In an effort to assist his family with addressing it I immediately started some research. If you know anyone who has SCD please share the following resources with them. Their local Sickle Cell association may be able to help too.
Slide presentation on Sickle Cell disease:
Botanicals Show Promise for Sickle Cell Anemia Treatment:
Advice from Tricia Edwards, N.D. (based in Toronto) on treating Sickle Cell Disease holistically:
Sometimes, biologically available copper is required for the conversion of iron from the ferric to the ferrous form, and back again, to produce hemoglobin.  Bioavailable copper is also required to incorporate iron into the hemoglobin molecule and deficiencies can also sometimes cause the cells to sickle. Copper deficiency leads to a disturbance in cellular immunity. Copper-related anemia is the most common type of anemia in the industrialized nations due to widespread copper imbalance in the population. When it comes to Sickle cell anemia and thalasemias are mainly due to enzyme deficiencies.  It can be managed with Dr Sebi’s products. Children, teens and adults have had positive results with his products however for babies I suggest they call the office to see if they have some of the supplements in liquid form. If not, the parents would have to really soak the caplets to a point where it can be crushed finely into the formula (is the Mother still breast feeding?). Just very important to be on a whole food no nonsense diet and then it should be manageable.
Inadequate levels of Vitamin E in sickle cell patients’ blood plasma and red blood cells may contribute to the sickling process.  Zinc therapy has been shown to reduce the crippling attacks of severe abdominal pain and vomiting but it would be good to test the hair of the mother and child to see the mineral levels. No unfortunately I don’t know anyone else here who can asssit. I can say I have aided my sickle cell patients in managing it with correcting the diet, some of Dr. Sebi products. She can also shine an near infrared heat lamp close to area of crises ie legs, abdomen about 15 inches away from the body and try not to look directly into the light.
Dr. Llaila Afrika’s CD on Sickle Cell Disease:
Information on NEAR Infrared Heat Therapy:
Young children. For a baby or infant, one can shine the lamp on the abdomen for about ten minutes, preferably while the baby is lying comfortably in your lap.  Use caution and keep the lamp at least 1.5-2 feet from the baby.  This can help colic, constipation, anxiety, irritability and other problems.  Do not shine the light near a baby’s eyes or head.
This Master Herbalist sells a Sickle Cell Disease kit:
Check out this Ghanaian ND’s books. At least 1 talks about treating Sickle Cell Disease:
Sickle Cell Disease Remedies:
Youtube channel called “LifewithoutSCA:”
Sickle Cell Natural Wellness Support Group:
Scientists validate more herbal cures for sickle cell anaemia:
Traditional herbal management of Sickle Cell Disease:
New Sickle Cell Treatments Could Be Promising:
Djehuty Ma’at Ra’s remedies:
Lynne Hinton (Registered Orthomolecular Holistic Practitioner + Registered Nutritional Therapist)
Address: 208-137 Main St.
North Markham, ON. L3P 1Y2
-Has been practising for 20+ yrs and has experience with reversing sickle cell using mega-doses of Vit.B12, Folate, Essential Fatty Acids, Complete Proteins, Digestive Enzymes AND an alkaline diet. After 4 months of the regimen the cells return to normal (no longer sickle).
Natural healing for Sickle Cell Disease:
Natural remedies for Sickle Cell Disease:
Journey to Health: Ways to treat Sickle Cell Disease naturally:
Non-profit charitable organization dedicated to education, empowerment, and awareness about sickle cell disease
Advice on becoming vegetarian if you have Sickle Cell Disease:
Ways to treat Sickle Cell Disease using veganism:
African Children’s Holistic Health Foundation:
Sickle Cell Natural Healing: A Mother’s Journey (a book):

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