Media that affirms our Divinity

Happy Monday! As you can probably detect I’m always looking for media (old and new) that speaks to my spiritual worldview specifically things that are appropriate for our youth. Most of what I’ve what I’ve uncovered I’ll put on hold until my daughter is older (for several reasons). We absolutely LOVE Moana (thanks to her dad’s introduction)!!!! She’ll be ready for Avatar in a few years. There’s so much more:


NOTE: Yes, I realize that some of these shows/films don’t affirm us directly as Afrikan people. Will that prevent me from sharing them with my daughter at some point? Absolutely not! For me it’s all about being in tune with her development and knowing what she’s ready for. Timing. To the best of my ability I read/watch things before I even consider opening them up to my precious moon child. That’ll certainly continue as she gets older.  By that time we’ll be having some meaningful conversations about what we watch and read. Yes indeed!


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