Be educated about vaccinations

Immunizations are a hot topic! From what I’ve seen mothers (including pregnant ones) and seniors receive the greatest pressure.  Ideally we need to do better at educating ourselves about vaccines before we conceive. That’s the only way we can truly make informed decisions for our bodies and those of our children.

Vaxxed, a documentary about vaccines:

Another film about immunizations:

A docu-series entitled “The Truth About Vaccines:”

Dr. Umar Johnson discusses vaccines:
Minister Farrakhan talks about the link between vaccinations, autism and our sons:
Robert Kennedy Jr. speaks on mercury, autism & Black boys:
What’s in vaccines?
More about the connection between vaccines, autism & our boys:
Autism coverup is exposed:

CDC: You’re Fired. Autism Coverup Exposed.

A book about the damaging effects of vaccines:

Physicians for Informed Consent:

Informed Consent Action Network

Let’s consider that unvaccinated people do best if other lifestyle choices are also holistic. Be positive, eat well, exercise regularly, laugh lots, have a good sleep cycle and so on.

Breastfeeding our children

The struggle is real for many of us. The lack of support is crazy. I mean genuine support via family, friends and our larger communities. Everybody and their mama wants to offer unsolicited advice on our parenting styles including how long we should breastfeed, whether we should pump and so on. Finding true support (beyond La Leche League) is essential.

These may help:

Melanoid Breastfeeding                              

Black Women Do Breastfeed

Black Mothers’ Breastfeeding Association

Breastfeeding Week              

Ways we can help other mamas take back breastfeeding

General resources

The Black Woman’s Guide to Breastfeeding




More for the wise: Love spells

Yes it’s true that menstrual blood is highly nutritious. It is claimed to have many purposes when consumed ie. weight loss, increased energy and longevity. It is often used in love spells. In particular millenial women seem to be attracted to it for ritual purposes specifically attracting and “keeping” a mate. Typically these are women who are tampering with traditions/rituals they know very little or nothing about.

Young Black women are leaving Christianity in search of something deeper and more personal

A response to the above article

Beware that people who are up to this DO NOT have pure intent. Not in the least.  Smh. They are desperate! They want to control another being on every level! I’m talking high level manipulation. The love spell practice is known by a variety of names. In my part of the world it’s known as “shirt tail tea.” 

One person’s take on the power of menstrual blood

Using bodily fluids in magic

A trick to control your man’s mind

Using menstrual blood for love spells

Uncovering the disgusting ritual of using menstrual blood to keep lovers at bay



Suggestions for removing a love spell

Things to consider with love spells:

  1. When ingested menstrual blood becomes like a drug. You get addicted to its smell, taste and so on. Pheromones work. You are ripe for being controlled because you take on the respective woman’s thoughts (negative and positive), words, actions, emotions, hormones, toxins and more. SPECIAL NOTE: Keep in mind that some women perform love spells on men who are already in relationships. In these cases the man becomes a living nightmare to the woman he is with (not the one doing the love spell), his offspring and their mama(s). The reality is that no healthy person feels the need to engage a love spell (particularly ones using a person’s hair and bodily fluids). Remember women who do this are desperate and totally out of balance.  
  2. Men can be tricked (by someone planning to control them via a love spell) into consuming menstrual blood in the name that it’ll increase their strength, contribute to them living longer, improve their psychic abilities etc. As a selling point emphasis may be placed on the benefits of the stem cells and melanin in the blood. Some men fall for this. 
  3. Men who are affected by menstrual love spells become obsessed with the woman who has done the spell casting. It looks totally unnatural. Trust me. For eg. he constantly talks about her, always wants to be around her, doesn’t question/challenge anything she does or says, will (almost) literally do anything for her and her children. If it’s a case where the love spell was cast while he was already in a relationship he will leave the latter abruptly and abandon any children  he may have (financially and otherwise).

P.S.- Most men who are affected by love spells have no clue (and will vehemently deny it), however, there are some men who are willing participants (in which case the symptoms are much stronger). One very obvious symptom is that the man becomes obsessed with the woman and her food. She can do no wrong in his eyes. He literally becomes a slave to her in that his thought patterns, hormonal shifts, words, emotions and actions become very much “in sync” with hers. Disgustingly so. He is not himself. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THE WOMAN WANTS. SOMEONE SHE CAN CONTROL. BEWARE!!!

Fyi. I’m not advocating for this. I’m simply sharing so you’re aware.

Calling the wise: Semen retention & injaculation

Listen up.  Many of us have severely twisted ideas about sexuality. Fellas, if you want to really thrive in life semen retention and injaculation are key. Abundance in all its forms is calling. Also know that wise women support the men in our lives with this. Most def! Have no fear. Want to learn more?

Benefits of semen retention

Why it’s good to hold your juice

Men’s super power. Beware of the patriarchal perspectives in it. In my opinion most of this video is on point.

A young man talks about an elderly man who practices semen retention, yoga, veganism

Semen retention update. Note: In my opinion some of the language is unnecessary. Generally it’s a good video though.

Master ejaculation. Master your life.

Guide to the secrets of sexual transmutation

The Power of Sexual Transmutation

Semen retention and how it will change your life

Health benefits of semen retention

Benefits of sperm retention


The infinite benefits of oral sex

Of course there are many. Both parties need to be in good (not just physical) health in order to experience any real “results.”

Semen is good for women’s health and helps fight depression

Semen has controlling power over female genes and behaviour

Do you swallow? The unexpected health benefits of semen

What are your thoughts?

Note: For males, it’s absolutely critical that they learn to ejaculate in balance. Ideally adolescent males should learn this from older men. Many a man releases far too often which is detrimental to his whole being and that of his partner(s).  For more information check out:


So you’ve just begun your homeschooling journey

Well if resources are your challenge know that there are PLENTY out here. The following provide a great start:  Homeschool mamas you may want to check out.      Great facebook groups that cater to us.  The expo takes place every July in Atlanta.  The institute is designed to assist any Afrikan parent who is truly working at empowering the children in their lives.


Now if curricula is your challenge these may help:
At The Genius Academy most items are absolutely free.              Culturally relevant curricula and online courses.                   An online co-op.                Culturally centred online courses.              Caribbean curricula            More Caribbean curricula.      Resource guide for our families    Websites we may find useful


NOTE: Remember to patronize your local us-owned bookstore(s) for tools. Additionally consider joining your community’s homeschool group. If there are none think about whether you’d like to start one.