Caring for Self: Yoni steams

Yoni steams aka vaginal steams appear to be making a comeback these days. Tomorrow I’ll be getting my very own sitz bath from a local pharmacy. That way I can set myself up whenever I feel to in my home. It’s gonna be blissful! Sistahs, let’s get in and teach our girls.  There are so many benefits. ‘


Sensuality. Intimacy. Holistic sexuality.

Most of us continually have a desire to go deeper, within ourselves and with our partners. The following links can help us with our journeys (’cause there’s always more to learn):                        


Are you a Christian mama?

Welcome! Are you aware that there a number of faith-based pregnancy/birth resources out here for you? Books, affirmation cards and so on. The following will give you a taste:


3 Life-Changing Books For The Christian Mom-To-Be

10 Christian Pregnancy & Birth Books


Mama Blessings aka Blessingway

Planning for a c-section?

Don’t be fooled. You still have the opportunity to optimize pregnancy and birth. Don’t get it twisted. It’s still YOUR birth. Consider making some things a priority like prayer/meditation/quiet time, affirming yourself regularly, journalling, planning that mama blessing (aka blessingway), finding a doula, solidifying your birth plan etc. The following resources may help too:

Sacred Pregnancy                    

Guide to Childbirth

More books that focus on the sacredness of pregnancy & birth

Affirmation cards

C-section prep:           

Birth & post-birth plans:

Parenting podcasts, magazines & other cool stuff

Oooooh! Talk about jewels! I just found these:

Woke Mommy Chatter

Hold the Line magazine:

Successful Black Parenting, a magazine:

Teaching Tolerance magazine:

Black Parent magazine:

“Radical” parenting resources for us: