This site is for black families  around the world who aim to have holistically, culturally grounded lives.  There’s always room for growth so let’s do it together. Please share. If you’d like to contact us privately send a message to inloveconsulting@gmail.com.

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  1. Hi In Love Consulting, I came across your site because I was looking for more information on Seers. I am a mother of a 26 year old autistic daughter name Brittney. She is verbal but she is not able to communicate conversations, but she is very sociable and spiritually inclined. Many years ago a prophet at the church told me that she is a Seerer. He asked me what was her diagnosis, and I told him Autism. He said that she is going to come out and be able to tell her testimony. On yesterday she said just out of the blue, ” Ma, my eyes are open.” It was so PROFOUND. I heard her but I really HEARD her. It brought the prophesy back to my mind. I want to gain more knowledge about her gift. There has been times that she have told us things that we did not know but she did. I just want to know as a parent how to allow her gift to be more operable.

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